About Me

Hello... My name is Lili.

If you see my products, you will think that I am a stay-at-home mom with 2 children :-) Nope, I am very far from that.

I WAS a very successful career woman. Got my MBA, worked as senior consultant. The woman whom you saw in the airport dressed in designer business suit, carrying a laptop bag and dragging along a small luggage. Always on the run, travelling, eating from the restaurant (gained 20 pounds), doing nothing (sleeping) on weekend because of exhaustment.

After almost 10 years living like that. I quit, before it ruins my body, mind and soul. I got burn out so bad from my job that I started balancing my life with doing more yoga, meditation, coloring mandalas, drawing and painting.

I love my new activities so much that I thought, hey why not make a living doing what I really love, not what I force to. So, I found etsy and I found my old love to sewing again.

I love sewing since I was a teenager. I made my own school bags, pencil cases, hairbands, dress, you name it.

Beside my passion of sewing, my other passion is shopping. I am a hardcore shopalholic! have hundred of shoes, bags, accessories and thousand of useless things. My friends said I can open a small shop and sell all my belongings. hahaha.

Shopping = Investment.

In a short word... I combine my three passions (yoga, bag, sewing) together and make a yoga mat bag!

Lately, after sewing 30 yoga mat bags, I get addicted more than ever to sewing and cannot stop at all. I made all possible bags and things which can be made with fabric. I love it!!! I hope you love it as much as I do...

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Have fun...

My Email: Lslie.Art@gmail.com